Long lost, stolen, lost, returned, USB drive

27 08 2008

I love USB thumb drives. They’re the most awesome thing ever for wanting to run around ASU’s campus and use the assorted computers but still have all your files from home. I’ve got them in assorted sizes from 256MB to 8GB laying around, filled with the applications, bookmarks, and documents I need to get through the day. Unfortunutely, I have a habbit of leaving them plugged into some computer at ASU. For that reason I don’t use my 8GB one much, but instead an old 2GB lexar that is faster anyway.

More than once I’ve left it in a computer, only to find a week later that I can’t remember what I did with it, followed by the realization I left it somewhere. Then I have to think, “hmm.. where did I use a computer this week? Hayden library, science library, computer commons, the lab for my engineering class…” and go searching in the lost and founds. I’m not the only one with this habbit, since usually when I go ask the librarian if they found a USB drive, he pulls out a box of about 50 of them and says, “what did it look like?”. However, last time I left it somewhere, it didn’t show up in the lost and founds, and I assume someone stole it. I gloomily morned my little 2GB companion for a while and then pulled another one from my pile of USB drives and went on with life.

Now, 3 months later, I get an email saying that someone found my USB drive laying in a classroom of the engineering building. That’s right, I lost my USB drive, someone stole it and began using it (not bothering to remove my small files from it), they lost my USB drive 3 months later, it was found by the computer staff, and they found an old assignment on there that contained my email address. Hah! I doubt I’ll get that lucky again… I really need to stop loosing these things…



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