ASU Dorms Mandatory for Incoming Freshmen

25 09 2008

Now moving on, this rant is about ASU. According to the latest issue of the State Press, all incoming freshmen are required to live on campus next year. Now first off, I will admit that there are advantages to living on campus. It’s easier to meet people, get a social life, join clubs, participate in sports, and meet with teachers outside of class for assistance. I don’t care about a social life, I’m already in clubs, mountain bike, and email teachers when I need assistance. Are the advantages worth $9,000? I think not. Living on campus and living off the meal plan will cost you between $7,000 and $9,000 a year. See the rates here and do the math your self. There are many reasons to live at home, the cost being a major factor for people like me. For others, they don’t want to leave their family yet. Even if you don’t want to live at home, for $750 a month, you can find a nice apartment and probably eat better than at the university.

I find this entire thing outrageous, and hope that incoming freshmen/the current student body sees this is just another money making ploy of the university. If I had to pay for the the $5,000 tuition, $1,000 books, $5,000 dorm expenses (not even housing for a full 12 months), and $2,000 food plan, I wouldn’t be able to get out of the next 4 years debt free, or worse, I wouldn’t be in college at all. Every time I look at ASU’s news I see some money making idea that is being implemented.

Business majors have to pay a $400 fee that the rest of us don’t.

The ASU bookstore is now providing textbook rentals, which will save you less than selling the book back at the end of the semester, plus if you spill your Dr. Pepper on it during the late night studying (or beer during the late night partying), you just paid for the book plus fees for damaging it.

Tuition costs are going up every semester.

And now, all incoming freshmen have to live on campus.

Okay okay, I’ll stop bitching about money. This is after all this is one of the cheapest colleges to attend, price increases were bound to happen. Instead, lets look at the practicality of the situation. The Tempe campus is so overcrowded that you can hardly walk from one class to the other without dodging impatient crowds, with skateboarders, bikers, and scooters attempting to slice their way through the crowds like a dull butter knife through steak. What a great idea to add in several thousand more people, wandering around campus all day long. The university is building new dorms, but I don’t see how they’re going to have enough to do this anyway. Right now, only about 50% of freshmen move into the dorms.  How are they going to support nearly double this, with the current dorms already in disrepair. This is one of the stupidest things the university has done, and that’s a university that renamed advisers to “Academic Success Specialists”. See the acronym? Apparently they didn’t.

There’s a reason I use Linux, other than the fact Windows sucks. I like choice. I like to be able to choose Fluxbox over KDE. I like to have a varity of pencil lead sizes in my backpack to use on different situations. I like having three browsers installed, because sometimes IE just loads a page better than Firefox or Chrome. I like to customize my applications, hack the source code of Pidgin just to change the version response, and fiddle with the registry settings. I like to have two pocket knives sitting on my dresser, used for different purposes. And I like being able to live at home if I choose to.

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4 responses

15 10 2008

I don’t know you. I googled the Dorm increase and got your site and it helped a lot. I am currently working on preventing this from happening and could use your support.

18 10 2008

Thank you for posting this. I was also searching for information about the current dorm requirements for ASU, and couldn’t agree more with what you stated above.

I live 15 minutes from the Tempe campus, and can’t see myself shelling out thousands of dollars to close that small distance, for the simple sake of filling the deep pockets of the university.

The entire notion is ridiculous within itself, and needs to be reformed before it’s too late.

25 11 2008

Is this going to end up being a forsure thing? My daughter wants to live on campus, but I think it’s a ridiculous expense, especially when we live 15 minutes from the school.I cannot afford it and she’d probably have to take out a loan for it and that’s if she can get one.

25 11 2008

I’m not sure, there hasn’t been any new word from the university except more talk of budget cuts and tuition increases. The university has always wanted kids to live on campus, but it wasn’t a requirement before. I imagine even if they make it a “requirement” there will be some way to get out of it, so talk to the university when you’re applying.

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