Old Hardware

3 10 2008

I pulled out my Linux server again, attempting to get it working with an old 4GB drive. It won’t boot at all though, so I started messing around debugging. First off the powersupply was making a high pitched whining noise. I had that same thing happen with an old Dell desktops, after a few weeks of it the power supply died. I pulled the PSU out and tried to short pin 14 to ground to make it power up, but it just flicked on for a moment and then turned back off.

I set that one aside and pulled the PSU out of another computer, tried again, and got nothing. Black screen, no beeps, no response to key presses, but hard drive was clicking a couple times and fans were running. Swapped the video card, no effect. Pulled out a stick of RAM, and life! Apparently running Memtest 86+ for 40 hours didn’t catch the RAM going back… However, when I put the old power supply back, it wouldn’t even power on. Apparently I killed the PSU while trying to test it… either that or both the PSU and the RAM were bad. There’s also the bit that the hard drive seems to be dead… did everything die at once? What is this, a Honda at 100,000 miles? Maybe the bad PSU took out other things with it. Or maybe the bad RAM made the data on the hard drive get corrupted while it was running, and the PSU just died when I was trying to test it. So I need new RAM, new PSU, and possibly a new hard drive… it’s hardly worth fixing for a 1.2ghz AMD. Computer failures make me depressed, and all my old hardware seems to do it often. Maybe I should just buy a new desktop…



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