LittleBigPlanet Physics

8 10 2008

Well, I haven’t had anything interesting to blog about the last few days. Here’s something to carry the blog along will I get around to making a set of posts on modifying the Zipit wireless messenger into a small Linux box with a serial port (project I started this blog to talk about, but never did).


A new game that’s coming out known as LittleBigPlanet seems to be getting a lot of attention. The game lets you create things with objects, and basically shape your own little world. Everyone is all impressed that a guy was able to build a calculator out of switches, wires, and pistons. My first reaction was, well so? I’ve been thinking of building an 8-bit adder/subtractor out of TTL chips on breadboards just for the heck of it, and after all digital logic gates are just switches. Although his building of a calculator didn’t impress me, the game looks somewhat interesting. You basically design levels/worlds and then let others download them and play them. Engineering types would have fun designing interesting things, but I doubt it would hold most people’s interest for very long. Despite the fact the main characters looks like demonic little puppets straight out of an animated version of Chucky, the game definitly looks… interesting.


Ever since I started gaming I wished that the physics and possible things you do were improved. I remember the days of Maniac Mansion typing commands like “use microwave on hamster” and getting annoyed when it wouldn’t work (although, if you select the surfer dude, he will microwave the hamster. Just don’t go back to the stamp collecting guy he’ll murder you for killing his hamster). And everytime I load up a new First Person Shooter I run around shooting cans of paint, soda machines, signs, and anything else to see how the physics engine reacts. By the way, if you haven’t played Maniac Mansion, go find a port of it for whatever PC you happen to be on. I think I spent as much time in that little world than I did in Guild Wars… Oh the memories of my homeschooled youth, with way too much time and way too slow of computers.



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