Rubik’s Cube Programming: Part 2

28 10 2008

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then the programmer said, “let there be light!”

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

And then… there was still nothing, but now you could at least see it if there was something. So begins the adventure in Java 3D. I decided to make a bunch of little square cubies instead of actual cubed cubies, just cause it kinda looks cool. Maybe I’ll try it with cubes later, but whatever. I think all I have to do is make all the cubies, add them to transform groups, and then add those into transform groups which will rotate the sides, and then add those into the branchgroup, and then add that into the universe, and everything will work out. Well I’m really not sure, Java3D tutorials are so very boring, but I’ll try it and find out. I don’t have anything else to post tonight, so here’s a pic of the cube being built. As usual school and work are taking up almost all of my time, leaving most of the Rubik’s cube program and specs in a purely theortical state of exisetence. It’ll all work fine, in theory, I think. Although, as soon as you open the box, the state may collapse along with the entire theory. ::incoherent rambling of 1:00am::

Cube Building

Cube Building



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