Ubuntu 8.10 Tweaks

11 11 2008

As you saw in my last post, I installed the newest version of Ubuntu. A number of things annoyed me, a number of other things needed improvement, and a number of things I just felt like toggling, so here is a list of what I’ve done so far. I’m not going into details on how to do it, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet, so there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Just use the wonderful thing known as Google if you need directions for any of these tweaks.

Must have programs installed:

  • X-chat
  • Adobe Flash
  • Sun Java
  • Eclipse IDE (make sure to configure to use Sun’s Java)
  • Jedit
  • MP3 Codecs
  • Microsoft Windows Fonts (msttcorefonts package)
  • Advanced Compiz Configuration Manager

Things to stop running because I won’t use in Preferences -> Sessions

  • Bluetooth Manager
  • Evolution Alarm Notifier
  • Check for new hardware drivers
  • Update Notifier (I do manual updates when I feel like it)
  • Visual Assistance
  • Tracker
  • Gnome Login Sound
  • Pulse Audio (see last post, using ALSA only)

Things to stop running because I won’t use in Administration -> Services:

  • Bluetooth Manager

Keyboard shortcuts to add:

  • Alt+T Terminal
  • Alt+L Lock Screen

Enable a real root account:

  • sudo passwd root
  • usermod -U root (use if you get an error saying the account has expired)

Must change things in compiz because the alt+tab was annoying me:

  • Disable application switcher and enable static application switcher
  • Static Switcher Application -> Appearance -> Selected Window Highlight -> None

Disable Ubuntu splash screen:

  • I hate splash screens tha hide what’s going on in the background with a little loading bar, and Ubuntu 8.10 hides EVERYTHING. Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and remove the “quiet splash” line from your Ubuntu entries. Text based FTW!

Disable IPV6 in about:config of Firefox.

Disable the drive icons on the desktop

And finally, make a sane shortcut scheme for all the pretty Compiz functions. Well.. somewhat sane.

For switching desktops on the 3D cube,

  • ctrl+alt+left move to left desktop
  • ctrl+alt+right move to right desktop
  • ctrl+alt+down unfold desktop cube
  • ctrl+alt+up move to desktop #1 (main desktop)
  • ctrl+alt+shift+left move to left desktop dragging current application
  • ctrl+alt+shift+right move to right desktop dragging current application

For switching applications,

  • Windows key + right: switch to right application
  • Windows key + left: switch to left application
  • Ctrl + Windows key + right: switch to right application (across desktops)
  • Ctrl + Windows key + left: switch to left application (across desktops)
  • Windows key + up: application picker (local desktop)
  • Ctrl + Windows key + up: application picker (across desktops)
  • Alt+tab: ring switcher next (local desktop)
  • Ctrl+alt+tan: rint switcher next (across desktops)



One response

8 06 2009

Thanks for sharing what you like for a setup, i’ve borrowed a few for my own, and so far like it. Thanks again :)

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