Place to complain about ASU

25 11 2008

Well I haven’t had anything tech related to post, and I’m going to New York for a week and probably won’t have much free time. Here’s a quicky about ASU though, a CS major has set up a page to complain about ASU’s policies, buildings, whatever, and then hopefully turn these complaints over to university officials. We all love to complain, that’s half the reason I blog. With the university cutting corners, teachers, and building projects due to lack of money from Arizona and the “economics crisis” (a rant for another post), it’s hard to say if they will take any of the complaints into consideration, but it can’t hurt to try. Go check it out at A few good complaints so far include stings for bike thefts, more outlets in the brickyard classrooms, fixing the PSA elevators, and ditching Blackboard for some better software (hey, CS majors love software).




One response

26 11 2008
Alan Hogan

Thanks for the link! :)

I really like your blog, nice work here. And I completely agree about the freshmen-on-campus thing.

I’m curious as to your real-life identity – maybe send me a message by via contact form?

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