ASU CSE Capstone Classes Now Offered Single Semester

1 12 2008

Checking my email today I received some irritating news from the SCI (School of Computing and Informatics at ASU). The capstone courses, now offered both in fall and spring, will only be offered in the semester that you’re supposed to take them (fall and spring respectively).

Starting Spring 2010, the capstone courses (CSE 423/424, CSE 461/462 and CSE 485/486) will only be offered once a year. For the Spring 2009 and Fall 2009 semesters, all capstone courses will be offered each term. However, starting Spring 2010, only CSE 424, CSE 462 and CSE 486 will be offered (and thereafter every Spring term) and in Fall 2010, CSE 423, CSE 461 and CSE 485 (and thereafter every Fall term) will be offered.-

For people that are one semester behind like me, this puts a halt on the plans for what courses to take and when to graduate. Another bit of news, you can now double major in CS and CSE by taking a few extra classes (like.. 8?). This opens up another interesting possibility, but now I really have no idea what to do. My nice plan of taking an extra semester, but ending up with a Math minor and some fairly easy semesters is now ruined. I know this is way early, but here are my options now that graduating in 4 and 1/2 years from starting is out of the question ordered from least likely to most likely.

Option 1: Take several semesters of 17-18 credit hours and graduate in 4 years, with no time for other classes outside of major. Somewhat tempting, but the course load would be painful and I wouldn’t be able to take any interesting classes I wanted outside of the CSE program (extra Math classes, technical electives, etc).

Option 2: Stick with my current plan, but take a semester off to get on track to graduate in 5 years. What would I do a semester? Work? Play Guild Wars? That sounds horribly boring, and I would probably end up forgetting half the stuff I learned in the semester before I get to next semester’s classes.

Option 3: Rather than taking a semester off, spend it taking Math classes. I could double major in CSE and Math, but that sounds a bin painful. I’m not as interested in Math as some people I know, I just thought getting a minor would be useful in the job market and easy to get. 4-5 more Math classes? Eeeeh… I think I’m getting a headache already…

Option 4: Rather than taking a semester off, spend it taking pure CS theory classes and graduate in 5 years with both a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering. This would also mean giving up my Math minor to fit a few random classes in, but in place of it I’d be taking some interesting CS theory classes that will probably be a lot more useful in the future.

The last option actually sounds neat, I’d graduate in 5 years from the point I started with two degrees and the chance to take some other classes that just look cool. In detail, these are the extra classes outside of my CSE major (with maybe an IA concentration) that I’d need to take. The following four are must haves for the CS degree I’d squeeze in instead of the Math minor I was planning.

  • CSE 240 Introduction to Programming Languages.  (3)
  • CSE 340 Principles of Programming Languages (3)
  • CSE 355 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science.  (3)
  • General Elective (3)

The following classes I would take all together during the Spring before my senior year. I could fudge them around more, all I need is three 400 level CSE classes that don’t conflict with anything I’m taking for my CSE degree and then two engineering electives, which can be anything from bioengineering to more math, so this semester is pretty much a pick 5 cool looking classes that fit some requirements.

  • CSE 412 Database Management.  (3)
  • CSE 459 Logic for Computer Scientist (3)
  • CSE 471 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.  (3)
  • Engineering Technical Elective (3)
  • Engineering Technical Elective (3)

I’m quite confused about the electives though. For CS I need 8 credit hours of general electives and 6 credit hours of technical electives. I can easily fit in the above classes, but I’m short 5 credit hours of general electives… Can I use Physics II for a general elective in CS and a required class in CSE? So confusing… I’ll just have to talk to an advisor. Could I fit in another 2 classes somewhere? Bleh, maybe.



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