Spring Semester has Begun

20 01 2009

Well, it has begun. The semester of math and programming, that will probably drain away my sanity with Calc III and Linear Algebra on the same days, with discrete math and programming classes between. I’d say that it will mean less time for updating my blog, but in reality it probably means quite the opposite. Sitting around playing Guild Wars during break doesn’t lead to much inspiration.

The bad news of the day: the Borders on Mill is going out of business. This makes me sad, I’ll have to find a new source for my cheap paperback science fiction. The good news, everything is 40% off. The bad news, they were all out of all the books I was looking for…

In another news, I’ve had 3 freshmen so far ask me where a room that doesn’t exist is. Room 361, in a building that has no 3rd floor.



2 responses

20 01 2009

But Linear Algebra is fun!

Also, did you hear about Circuit City filing for bankruptcy? There’s a scramble here to relocate the workers to find other jobs in the area.

Anyway, I is bored too.

9 02 2009

Hi, cool site, good writing ;)

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