Spim/Xspim on Ubuntu 8.10

18 02 2009

Spim is a MIPs assembly simulator. If you don’t know what it is, then I doubt you have a use for it.

I thought I’d share this, because I’ve found it incredibly difficult to get xspim working on the new version of Ubuntu. It’s no longer in the package repository because of a very stupid reason. The Ubuntu developers claimed that the software was no longer being maintained because there hasn’t been a new version in 2 years. The spim people say that there just hasn’t been any bugs and the software is complete, but they don’t provide or maintain any packages other than the RPM for Fedora based distros. Perhaps someone will get around to putting it back in the repository, but until then here’s a work around.

It won’t install from source correctly (on 64-bit at least), and it won’t run under wine due to missing DLLs. However, I did finally get it to install.

First off get the dependencies out of the way. Most, but not all, of these already come installed by default, but I’m just listing them all for completeness.

$ sudo apt-get install flex libxaw7-dev libxt-dev libc6 libsm6 libx11-6 libxaw7 libxext6 libxmu6 libxpm4 libxt6

Then, download the older version of the package from here if amd64,
Or here if 32-bit,

Then install the package you downloaded,
$ sudo dpkg -i spim_7.3-1_amd64.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i spim_7.3-1_i386.deb

After that you should be able to type “xspim file.s” and open your assembly files. The GUI looks a little primitive, but works as well if not better as the one in Windows. If you’re really hardcore you can run “spim file.s” and use the command line based version of the simulator.



One response

1 04 2010

Looks like they took down the 7.10 repositories on packages.ubuntu.com… the above link no longer works. :(

Thankfully there is spim in karmic!


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