Fall 09 Class Schedule

17 03 2009

At 7:00amthis morning I sat pressing refresh on the differential equations class that has 2 seats left, and managed to get in. If I didn’t, I would have been forced to wake up for the 7:30am section, something that would probably drain all my sleep and sanity by the end of the semester. Next semester’s schedule,

MAT371: Advanced Calc

MAT275: Modern Differential Equations

PHY121/122: General Physics I and lab

CSE310: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

CSE360: Software Engineering

Sounds like a fun fun semester… Can’t say that any of the classes are very appealing. After I get physics and differential equations out of the way I can take circuits classes though, and after advanced algorithms it opens up almost all of the 400 level programming classes. One step at a time I suppose. For anyone interested, or interested in stalking me, here’s my schedule for the spring.


I can actually sleep till 8:15am everyday, yay.



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