Ethics of Ebooks

25 08 2009

The ethics of Ebooks is a very fuzzy field.

A Google search for “ethics of ebooks” will produce mainly pirated copies of ebooks on ethics. Ironic?

If you own a book, is it okay to download a pirated copy of the ebook for it? You could, in theory, scan the entire book in. You could also get the book from the library and scan the entire thing in, but you can’t just check a book out of the library and then justify downloading a pirated copy though, can you?

Did you know, according to the current laws, you can lend someone your ebooks? Given that,

  • You delete your own copies, and give away your only remaining copy.
  • Your friend makes no copies which he gives away.
  • The friend removes all traces of the ebook when giving it back.



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