Farmville Statistics and Strategy

5 09 2009

Well, I’m bored. So bored I’m watching grass grow in a flash game called Farmville which is all the rage on Facebook. Amazing how such simple little games catch on. The idea? You plant crops, let them grow, harvest them, and repeat. There are plenty of different crops to plant, some of which better than others.

Being the computer/math geek I am, I pulled out up Open Office Calc and graphed the best crops by profit per day, taking into account the crop cost, time to grow, plot cost, and harvest value. (updated September 28th 2009)

farmville_cropsAlso, the best trees,

farmville_treesThis of course focuses on coins and not XP, which in general is just better for crops with shorter turn around.



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24 09 2009
Farmtips Relations

Interesting statistics. We would really like this kind of statistics.

If it’s fine by you, may I post this statistic in our website at with

We will credit the image that it came from this blog and post a link to your website.


25 09 2009

Sure, go ahead. Actually if you give me until tonight I can replace that one with an updated image (to include grapes and everything that got added since I made that one).

1 10 2009

What about the statistics on animals? Some animals require a lot of room on farm and fetch minimal coints.

Also I have a couple of questions:

Is there any logic by which we make farm cash?
What is the method to unlock growing your farm size to 22X22 and 24X24

13 10 2009

Excellent. I love the fact that there’s no real point to FarmVille… you just go and go. I suppose everyone is curious as to the highest level that can be attained… and what happens when you acquire ALL the medals. Maybe the pigs turnon you …

5 11 2009

sugar cane does not pay out the most!! Blackberries actually do! Sugar cane pays out a difference of 74 coins at 8hrs so in a 24 hr period that would be 212 coins! and only 6 total xp 3 for plant because they 1xp and 3xp for the plow! so 212 coins 6xp in 24 hrs!! Blackberries pay out a difference of 42 coins per 4hrs so in a 24 hr period u could do 6 times which would be 252 coins and 12 xp altogether 6 for the plowing and 6 for the harvest so blackberries actually the way to go!!

5 11 2009

Blackberries sell for 117 coins, harvest in 4 hours, and cost 75 coins. It also costs 15 coins to plow.

That means in 24 hours, you can plow, plant, and harvest 6 times, coming out to 6*117-6*75-6*15 = 162 gold.

Sugar cane sells for 239 coins, harvests in 8 hours, and costs 165 coins.
That comes out to in 24 hours 3*239-3*165-3*15 = 177 gold, a winner in gold, but of course a loser in XP. If you want XP, berries are the way to go.

9 11 2009

Hey Dude! This is great job, congratulations! But I have a queston: what about cherry tree?

10 11 2009

can u up date this with the newly added plants

26 11 2009

Not sure you took everything into consideration…To compute gross margin (what you call profit) you need to factor in the fixed cost of plowing (15), the cost of replanting, and the Gross Margin per hour to figure out what the optimal cash crop is (I’m only level 4, but so far strawberries yield a huge 2.5 GM/hr). If you wanted to take it further, you could calculate expected loss from wilting based on how often you usually log in (I based mine on a normal distribution).

5 02 2010
Myrtis Schwartze

I dont know about all the camotion around farmville. I know one thing for sure if you have tons of time to kill then it is the game for you :) My husband is obsessed with it . Solid post by the way

6 02 2010

Great info! I have been looking for something like this for a long time! I will post a link on blog:

3 03 2010
Farmville Facebook

Great job! Thanks! Thank you! for a very good post.

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