Windows 7 Startup Repair Tool Unhelpful Results

19 11 2009

Being impatient, I hit the power button when I went past the bootloader and started loading Windows 7 by mistake. Next time I booted into Windows it asked if I wanted to run the Startup Repair Tool. Not paying attention, and assuming it was just the usual file system checking after an unsafe shutdown, I went ahead and let it run. 20 minutes later, after I moved to my netbook and started Googling, I found that the tool does all sorts of stuff that I really didn’t want it to.. In the end, it finally came out with the following as my problem,

Root cause found: Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem.

Thank you Windows… for diagnosing the root cause of all my problems, as some UNSPECIFIED configuration change which MIGHT have caused the also unspecified problems.



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20 06 2010
System32 Error? Fix System32 Error on Start Up Easily

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