Nvidia Lemon Strikes Again

9 02 2011

Last week my trusty Dell Vostro 1400 suffered another failure of a defective Nvidia GPU. This is the second time it’s failed, less than two years after the last failure. Nvidia tried to cover up the issue as much as possible (not surprising given a nearly 25% stock drop during the incident), never admitted how many laptop GPUs were defective and what the actual accelerated failure rates were. From my personal experience of now owning two of them, the Geforce 8400M chips seem to die before two years of heavy use.

Instead of replacing it with another laptop, I decided to go with a decent desktop instead. My Toshiba NB205 netbook works fine for everyday carry use. When the Vostro was young it got to roam the world, connect to new wifi hotspots and power outlets. In its old age it was tied into a variety of USB cables while sitting soundly on a desk, the younger netbook getting all the adventure. A desktop is a more suitable replacement for the function it was performing in recent days.

Three large boxes housing the components of my future desktop steadily making their way toward Tempe… stay tuned for a post with plenty of build pictures.



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