Newegg Desktop Build: Part 2

18 02 2011

It’s alive! After some slightly painful events during the construction process.

First off, I realized that I had accidentally gotten one of the SATA power cables pinned between the case and motherboard when I was installing it. Not a big problem, except that the motherboard was entirely installed and plugged in by that point. I decided it would be easier to back up, remove the video card, and unplug a lot of cables anyway to get the CPU cooler on, but in the process I realized why bottom mounted power supplies are often a bad idea. Gravity. Of course while removing the motherboard to unpin the cable, I dropped a screw down into the PSU, which then made me need to take the PSU out to turn it over and shake it out…

So, after a few irritating but minor setbacks, everything turned on and powered up fine. Enjoy some more hardware pics, next post I’ll move into the software and performance side.

The LGA1366 Socket with the protective covers removed.

I7-950 being installed.

The Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler.

Installing the heatsink for the NH-D14. A fairly easy process provided you have enough room in the case to get behind the motherboard to mount the back plate. It would have been best to install the cooler before putting the motherboard in, but it worked out.

Fans popped onto the heat sink, video card put back in, and first power on attempt!


Front view, case panels still missing while I do some initial tests.


Once you go dual monitors, you never go back, especially as a programmer.First bootup of Windows 7.





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