Newegg Build Part 3: Software and Benchmarking

24 02 2011

Now for the tests! All the marketing fluff of the computer hardware aside, how does the new machine really perform? Freaking awesome, that’s how.

Windows Experience Index

Well, that’s what I get for not going for a solid state drive.

CPU Stress Temperature Testing

The DH-14 certainly does its job well, with idle temps hovering around 35C and peek temps around 48C.

Game Benchmarks: Starcraft 2

Plenty of performance to handle even the big 4v4 battles with every graphic setting at ultra with my 1440 x 900 monitor. Most 1v1 battles are over 60FPS, only dipping down to 30FPS in team games (2v2, 3v3, 4v4). Getting 70-100 FPS for macroing.

Benchmarking Program: Far Cry 2

Awesome performance on Far Cry 2, even on ultra settings it stays well above 60FPS.

Benchmarking Program: Heaven Benchmark

Cranked all the way up with Direct X 11, anti-aliasing at 8x, and 1440×900 resolution, handles quite well except a small glitch on stage 18 that makes it hang for a bit and ruins the min FPS measurement.



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