Quad Monitors: is it worth it?

3 03 2011

I recently acquired four rather large and unwieldy CRT monitors that were otherwise destined to the trash heap, in addition to my regular LCD and a Sony TV that I was using to do dual screens in the past. It just so happens my video card supports up to six monitors. I have, therefore, attempted to accomplish every geek’s best dream come true: my very own monitor wall. Okay, maybe second best dream come true, but the first can’t be talked about with children present.

Now moving on, the shiny new Saphire HD5870 2GB GDDR5 Eyefinity 6 Edition video card in my desktop doesn’t actually have any sort of analog output. The outputs are all pure digital through six mini-display port connectors. The video card comes with 4 mini-display port to regular display port adapters, a mini-display port to HDMI adapter, and two mini-display port to DVI-d adapters. To support more than two monitors, the adapters have to be of the active variety, which actually have some sort of logic and clock signal generation build into the adapter. I picked up two Acell Displayport to VGA adapters from Fry’s electronics for $30 a piece to get my monitor wall started, and to decide if 4 monitors is enough or I really am crazy enough to want 6. It’s also easy to fit 4 on my desk without too much work. I did have to disassemble part of my desk to fit them, but nothing but a hack saw and a little bit of wood glue won’t fix up once I have the time.

The question still remains: is worth it? For everyday use, definitely overkill. For programming, maybe. It is useful to have a couple of sources of documentation up while coding in one or two screens.



One response

8 03 2011
The Roommate

I think the second picture says it all. Programming. Riiiight. The third pic is in fact a nerdgasm though.

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