The Best of XKCD

16 05 2011

For anyone who doesn’t know, XKCD is the best geeky webcomic in existence. Some, however, are better than others, and with over 800 of them it’s easy for the best of the best to get lost in the crowd. Enjoy my collection of favorites.

He completely disassembled someone’s car at a Starbucks, because it was parked across two spaces. He was fired from radio shack, for building a deathray and vaporizing a customer. He got order for an office chair on Ebay, and sent an angry bobcat instead. He was thrown out of Microsoft for trying to feed a squirrel through a fax machine. His future girlfriend stole his hat, he stole a nuclear submarine from the Russians to fetch it. He is the most interesting geek in the world… HAT GUY!

72: Classhole (Hat Guy is my hero, so I include most of the good ones with him doing crazy stuff)

123: Centrifugal Force (James Bond is no match for Hat Guy)

217: e to the pi minus pi (More hat guy pranks)

322: Pix Plz (Hat Guy may break every law in the book, but he’s got his code of morality)

325: A-Minus-Minus (“Ordered office chair, got bobcat”)

374: Journal (Beginning of an awesome Hat Guy story arc)

377: Journal 2 (Dun dun DUN)

405: Journal 3 (“You made one mistake. You took my hat. I LIKE my hat.”)

432: Journal 4 (Aw, Hat Guy’s got a crush)

433: Journal 5 (“Remote mines under your car.” “Oh, those? I moved them to your garage before knocking”)

494: Secretary Part 1 (The tubes are clogged!)

495: Sectary Part 2 (“What the hell kind of apartment has a mote?” Hat Guy’s, that’s what kind.)

496: Sectary Part 3 (“You were fired from radio shack after you built a deathray and vaporized a customer?” )

497: Sectary Part 4 (Included just for the sake of including the entire arc)

498: Sectary Part 5 (“Upon review of your qualifications… we’ve decided to sentence you to death”)

506: Theft of the Magi (They need better communication in this relationship)

515: No One Must Know (Smooth)

542: Cover-Up (Think fast)

562: Parking (Hat Guy has a pet peeve for double parkers)

611: Disaster Voyeurism (Hat Guy’s definitely got a bit of a dark side)

792: Password Reuse (I’m fairly sure that’s Google’s real business plan right there)

Programming and Linux references,

138: Pointers (Terrible terrible typing of the datatypes…)

148: Sandwich (Real programmers just use Sudo su)

156: Commented (Or there’s the dual hand four finger # sign)

163: Donald Knuth (Hat guy’s code would be interesting to read)

178: Not Really Into Pokemon (If someone said that to me, I would strangle them with an Ubuntu lanyard)

196: Command Line Fu (Linux works fine! Now excuse me while I go rewrite the DHCP client so it’ll actually work on ASU’s network)

208: Regular Expressions (Regexp. Nuff said.)

224: Lisp (I prefer TCL hacks, but yeah)

234: Escape Artist (Yep, that’s me when programming)

287: NP-Complete (I once had a friend say, “don’t let your geekyness make you feel awkward. Use it to make other people feel awkward instead.”)

292: GOTO (Kernel programmers must always be prepared for the raptors. See 87)

303: Compiling (It sadly doesn’t work for scripting languages)

323: Ballmer Peak (It’s very delicate to obtain…)

327: Exploits of a Mom (Always be weary of SQL injection)

349: Success (True story, totally happened when I tried to dual boot FreeBSD)

378: Real Programmers (Real programmers browse the web with Vi)

456: Cautionary (This happened to me when I was 16. I relapse every few years.)

519: 11th Grade (In my case, it was TCL)

554: Not Enough Work

664: Academia vs Business (the hover over text is awesome)

Random Categories,

55: Useless (So true…)

69: Pillow Talk (Neither is optimizing cube crash playing algorithms)

87: Velociraptors (Always be prepared! For velociraptor attacks.)

135: Substitute (Now this is my kind of word problem)

165: Turn Signals (Best. Pickup line. EVER!)

203: Hallucinations (I know, right?)

206: Reno Rhymes (Long live the browncoats!)

227: Color Codes (I think when people ask my what time it is, I’m going to start answering in resistor color codes)

228: Resonance (Office life)

243: Appropriate Term (Or pencil eraser references)

249: Chess Photo (Awesome because people have been doing this ever since the comic)

275: Thoughts (Mental filter fail)

281: Online Package Tracking (It makes you stark raving mad I tell you!)

309: Shopping Teams

320: 28-Hour Day (One of these days I’m going to try this for a full week)

335: Mattress (Engineering at it’s finest)

340: Fight (Burn! Also, this is why you back up your MBR)

341: 1337 Part 1 (You don’t mess with Mrs. Roberts)

Also, parts (2, 3, 4, and 5). (“Mom, I’m hungry!” “Shush I’m coding, you ate yesterday”)

413: New Pet (“I think my mothering instinct took a wrong turn somewhere…)

466: Moving  (It took over a week to get internet in my apartment! Luckily I cracked my neighbor’s WEP keys in a day)

476: One Sided (Been there, done that)

477: Typewriter

525: I Know You’re Listening (Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t listening)

530: I’m An Idiot (I love this one!)

531: Contingency Plan

557: Students (I’ve had this dream so many times…)

576: Packages (TODO: Write this script)

606: Cutting Edge (I did this with Half Life 2…)

612: Estimation (aah the days of Windows 95-2K..)

627: Tech Support Cheat Sheet (Being a CS major means family members expect you to know everything about computers, physics, and the latest political news)

643: Ohm (V=IR)

699: Trimester

705: Devotion to Duty

722: Computer Problems (The life of computer programmers)

763: Workaround (Oh so true…)

806: Tech Support (I at least have that daydream)

864: Flying Cars



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