New Gadget: Amazon Kindle 3 Review (Part 2)

29 09 2011

Now that my Kindle 3 (with keyboard) is less of a new gadget and more of an everyday use object, I thought I’d add a few more comments to my previous review.

The one issue that bothers me the most with the Kindle is the inability to quickly and easily determine book sizes when shopping on Amazon. When you go to a bookstore and hold the physical book in your hand, you instantly get a rough idea of the size. I’ve read 1,000 page paperbacks and I’ve read 150 page paperbacks; when I’m purchasing a book I’d like to know what category it falls into. Unfortunately, the page is a terrible unit of book size measurement. If you change the font, line spacing, or word spacing on your Kindle, the number of ‘pages’ in the book will reflect the new settings, so page numbers become fairly meaningless. Some Kindle books do show a fixed page count when you bring up the menu, but that’s only after the book has been purchased and downloaded to the Kindle. In order to tell the length of a book, you need to resort to looking up the paperback version and seeing how many pages it is (and hoping it’s a standard sized paperback). The best solution would be to start posting book sizes in something like word counts, and letting the Kindle users slowly adjust their sense of size accordingly.

Another minor grievance I have is with the social networking feature of the Kindle. You can highlight a section of a book and post it as a quote to Facebook or Twitter. However, if you save that quotation to your Kindle quotations and post it from that part of the Kindle, it doesn’t reference the book in the social media quote, but instead just says it came from “my content” or something like that. You can always jump to the location in the book where the quotation was taken and then quote it on social media, but it’s just annoying you can’t make it quote correctly from your saved content.

Overall though, the Kindle is still working great.



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