ASU Enrollment Appointments

28 10 2008

October 31st, the night of horror movies and scary costumes, is also the night the horrible and scary class schedules are released at ASU. The moment you begin to realize that no matter what you do, you’re going to have to run between COOR and the Brickyard like you’re being chased by goblins in less than 10 minutes flat, with 20 pounds of books in your backpack, everyday say fo the spring semester. Despite the seeming randomness of the ASU enrollment appointments, there actually is order to the chaos. For those not going to ASU, the enrollment appointment is the window you get to register for classes. Some seem to get lucky and can register right away, while others get stuck with 7:00am English classes and 10:00pm bio labs because everything else got filled up before their enrollment window. This semester, since I got such a horrible enrollment appointment, I finally got around to looking up what that order is. The results contain some very interesting mixes.

#1. Priority Students, aka athletes and disabled students. The athletes are busy training, and the disabled students need time where they can get accommodations. Certainly an interesting mix, but I’m neither a football player or an ex-football player with a broken back, so I don’t fall into this category.

#2. Freshmen and Seniors. Wait, what? Yet another interesting mix, the seniors and freshmen get lumped together. You get all the good time slots your first year, and you get to go out with a bang during your last. Well, this explains why my enrollment window was so good last year, but now I’m no longer a froshy, and get to suffer with the rest of the middle classmen. Why do the freshmen get such special treatment? Lucky bastards, my first semester they didn’t have the enrollment window system set up yet, so I got stuck in crappy humanities and English since EEE101 was filled up. The seniors make sense, you don’t want your last class to fill up before you can register and end up going an entire semester more to graduate.

#3. Juniors. Poor lonely juniors get a large window to figure out their schedules. Not there yet, but I shall climb the ranks of the enrollment ladder as time goes on.

#4. Sophomores. Here I am, in the Sophomore window, stuck with the crappy time slots that no one else will want. Hopefully I can at least get into the classes I want.. even if my plan of not waking up till 10:00am is probably out the window.

I’m unsure if this enrollment appointment thing is really helpful, before it was in place everyone who wanted good classes just woke up at 7:00am and jumped on the register now button like it was the last 10 seconds of an Ebay auction for Shatner’s old toupee. The only special break was given to seniors, for the reason mentioned above. Now, no more planning the fastest way to register for all 5 classes with fewest clicks (keep one in each tab, flick through the tabs while pressing the register buttons), but simply waiting and watching as the good class times fill up, while that far off sophomore enrollment window nears…

EDIT: The theory that the enrollment appointments is really just random seems well supported… I really don’t know anymore. Maybe it’s a conspiracy.

(6:29:51 PM) aphtershoxz: can’t register till the 20th anyway
(6:30:06 PM) pherric0xide: aren’t you a Junior?
(6:30:12 PM) aphtershoxz: yes?
(6:30:29 PM) pherric0xide: Huh, you’re supposed to be able to register before sophmores.. and mine’s the 17th
(6:30:39 PM) aphtershoxz: uh…..i donno