Back to Slack?

16 11 2009

Well, after hearing and seeing horrible things with the new Ubuntu release, I decided to try good old stable Slackware on my new 320GB drive along side Windows 7. The install was… well, you know how Linux goes.

First off, LILO refused to boot into Windows 7. When I tried to edit the lilo.conf and then run lilo -v to update it, I got the error, Fatal Error: Partition entry not found. The partition from which an other operating system should be booted isn’t listed in the specified partition table. The only thing I could find online said,

This either means that an incorrect partition table has been specified or that you’re trying to boot from a logical partition. The latter usually doesn’t work. – Linux Bible

Well, I am trying to boot Windows from a logical partition. Why doesn’t this work? Don’t know….

I put my Windows 7 install disk in, restored the MBR with “bootsect /nt60 c: /mbr” inside the repair command prompt. Will update this when I have some more time to make it work. I’ll try and just install Lilo/Grub to the same partition as Slackware’s on and then point the Windows 7 bootloader to it. Either that or I’ll try Grub instead of Lilo.



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