EE101 Hummerbot Videos

16 12 2009

Finally got around to posting some old videos of the robot I made back in EE101 a year ago.

The hummerbot (my team’s robot) on the ramp,

The hummerbot on the can course,

One of our competitor robots (slow and steady wins the race?),

A blooper of a not so competitve robot,

Aah good times. When we walked into the lab and saw the other robots, we said, “Well… we’re either going to get an A because our robot is the most awesome thing here, or we’re going to fail since we hacked a microcontroller on an RC hummer instead of building ours from scratch and duct tape.” We ended up getting an A.



One response

1 04 2010
rick omeara

Love your stuff

Your Prime number material was appreciated as I recently completed solving
what prime numbers were by using the log of the golden ratio to map their
running sum of the Primes before.

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